Massimo Portolani

This is the personal web site of Massimo Portolani, electronic boards designer and programmer, with an interest in social sciences, music, photography and travel.

I like to call myself a lifestyle entrepreneur, a person that wants to work independently to be able to follow his interests without having to ask permission to anybody. At least I try to do it...
I founded 2 companies: DPS-Promatic srl in 1981 and Altercodex srl in 2016. I am an electronic designer and a programmer, I have studied polital economy, I play guitar, I shoot pictures and travel, when I can.

I was born february 12th 1960, in the mountains of Montevecchio, near Civitella di Romagna. I attended Science Lyceum and then 2 years of electronic engineering in Bologna University. I then started working and I got a Master Degree in International Relations when I was 44. I am fluent in english, not bad in French and Spanish, and I can survive pretty well in Russia and Germany thanks to my knowledge of those 2 languages. I visited many countries, mainly for work, including China, Japan, Russia, USA, Israel, Iran, Thailand, Ethiopia, Turkey and almost all the European countries. I have been professor of entrepreneurship at the Bologna University. I am currently manager of DPS-Promatic srl and Altercodex srl, two companies I founded. I am able to manage new projects involving other people and I can speak well in public, both in Italian and English.

I play guitar and write songs, I have been a professional guitarist in a orchestra when I was 18, I am registered at SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) since 1978. I have presented a few events in italian and english, I have written some songs together with Tar musician Fakhraddin Gafarov. With my long time friend Alessandro Novaga we have written dance music in the 80ties and something else (like Il maiale) more recently. With my friends Paolo Simoncelli, Nicola D'Alba and Alfiero Balassin we started the group Solaris. Here are some links:

I have an interest in political economy, I wrote something about software patents, the just price, corruption comparation; here are some links:

I shoot digital pictures since the 80ties. My first digital camera was the Canon ION, with a minidisc. Actually in 1981 I designed a video digitizer with printout, that was used to print portraits on Wanted Posters and T-Shirts. my INSTAGRAM account.

I design machines that work with people, like weighing scales and luggage scales. I designed many other machines like the Fortune teller BOCCA DELLA VERITA', the WANTED photo booth, Wireless weather stations, wireless printers for on-line orders and more. I design hardware with ARM microprocessors and I write software in assembler, C and Python. I founded and manage DPS-Promatic srl and Altercodex srl